VP of Volunteers (or Chair)

Contact: volunteers@planopta.org 
PISD Council of PTAs Volunteers Facebook Group


Who is the PTA Volunteer Coordinator Chair?

The focus of the Volunteer Coordinator Chair is to promote good relations between school and community. To determine and implement the best methods for recruiting volunteers to meet the needs of the school.


Duties at a Glance

  • Visit with your school principal to plan ahead for the needs of the school and determine priorities for volunteer recruitment
  • Become knowledgeable about the volunteer guidelines set by the school district
  • Survey teachers and staff regarding volunteer needs in the school
  • Survey potential volunteers to learn about their talents, interests and skills
  • Hold volunteer orientation meeting
  • Set goals for volunteers for the school year
  • Recruit volunteers throughout the year
  • Recognize volunteers for their hard work
  • Evaluate volunteer program success after each event



View the BASICS:

Resource and Quickstart Guides

In the past, both Texas PTA and National PTA created and maintained officer resource guides, including for the Volunteers position. Updating and maintenance of these officer resource guides is sometimes sporadic, and the PISD Council of PTAs has chosen to provide previous versions of this guides and related documents below.

If you are in search of newer guides, we recommend starting with the Texas PTA or the National PTA websites.
The following documents are provided as is.

We have been unable to determine if these are being updated and maintained on the Texas PTA website as of Spring 2019


Plano Council of PTAs Volunteer Pool Organizations

If you are looking for student Volunteers for events, you can contact the following organizations sponsors/officers at local schools:



There are other non-school/non-student organizations (ex. corporate volunteer programs, community college volunteer organizations, etc.) that can provide volunteers in return for service hours, but the use of these groups should be part of a discussion/decision by your PTA Board and General Membership.

Additional Resources

Plano ISD Council of PTAs Board Information/Interest Forms


Throughout the Year



Volunteer Hours Tracking


Assorted Volunteer Related Forms

Volunteer Thank Yous