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Plano ISD Council of PTAs Training


Local PTA Leaders in Plano are invited to attend a Roundtable session at the PISD Sockwell Center

September 28, 2023 930-1030am


After a short break, the first Delegate Meeting of the year will start at 10:45am.
Presidents and Council Delegates are asked to attend.
(To be eligible to vote, your PTA must have paid Council Dues. Forms available here.)


Plano ISD Sockwell Center

6301 Chapel Hill Blvd, Plano, TX 75093



PISD Council of PTAs Database Entry

Do you have board members who are not receiving communication from their Plano ISD Council of PTAs counterpart?


We ask that all local PTA officers and chairs register with Texas PTA.

Visit https://www.txpta.org/ and click on this button/link:

(Location will change depending on the size of your device/screen. Top of page for large displays, bottom of page for small (mobile) displays.


This is the preferred method for local leaders. Register with Texas PTA so that they have your contact information and we have access to it as well.


Optionally, PTA Presidents can also register board members on Council's website:


In My Account > Contact Information on the council website (click here):


At the very bottom of the form is a question, "Are you a Plano ISD PTA President?"

Be sure to choose "Yes"

Enter each of your board members and their contact information.

Don't forget to enter yourself as President!


Since the Council of PTAs uses this information to contact their counterparts in the local PTAs, only those on your board with a Council counterpart are required. Others may be entered for informational purposes only, if you like.



Texas PTA Training 

Texas PTA Online training is available here
Texas PTA offers a variety of learning materials to ensure our leaders are equipped to be successful throughout the year. Texas PTA has local leader information and documentation here.
Click on the left side of the page for further information about a specific position to see duties & responsibilities along with additional resources available, including a current Resource Guide to download.
The online training has two components - Foundations Essentials & Foundations Basics. Both are offered online through Texas PTA's learning portal linked above. Foundations Essentials is taken once in a PTA board member's lifetime. The cost is $10 and will be reimbursed by your local PTA. Foundations Basics webinars are available for all positions. If your position is not shown, please watch the Boardsmanship webinar. 



National PTA Training

National PTA E-Learning Library
In order to access this information you will need to create an online National PTA profile. For assistance with creating a profile or registering for a course, please read the e-learning registration guide. Also, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.