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The PTA Hospitality Chair “Survival Kit”

Smiley Smartie – No explanation needed!
Bit of Honey – Because nice matters!
Rubber Band – don’t stretch yourself too for or you will break!
Phone Book – Call for help! You can’t do this job alone!
Nestle Crunch – Plan ahead and avoid the “last minute crunch!”
Piece of String – To help you tie up loose ends!
Atomic Fire Ball – For that extra energy boost.
Binder Clip – Keep organized records in your procedure book!
Hi-Liter – Highlight and acknowledge that efforts of those who help you!
Smiley Eraser – It’s not the mistake, but how you recover that matters most!
Almond Joy – SMILE! Enjoy what you do! Make it fun for you and others!

Some or all of these ideas can be used to create a fun and inviting environment at your local PTA unit! Spread a little “sunshine” wherever you go!

Also, with this year of “hospitality issues” on food items allowed, and permits I would be happy to work with you on the “dos” and “don’ts” ENJOY!


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