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Environmental Chairman Guide


Who is the PTA Environmental Awareness Chair?

Texas PTA promotes environmental awareness initiatives that unite parents, students, teachers and campus administrators in an effort to protect children and their environment.


Duties at a Glance:

  • Meet with campus representatives; including the principal and teachers; who may be good resources (such as science, social studies, language arts, journalism, gifted teachers, librarians and club sponsors, etc.) to determine campus needs and interests related to the environment
  • Develop a committee
  • Familiarize yourself with environmental resources and organizations and select which topics you would like to pursue
  • Become familiar with the National PTA environmental position statements and environmental legislative priorities for Texas and National PTA, and share information and advocacy with PTA membership
  • Promote participation in America Recycles Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day
  • Work with community organizations that promote environmental priorities, such as Keep Texas Beautiful affiliates or environmental services in your city
  • Educate school personnel, students and PTA members about environmental issues through newsletter articles, website and member programs
  • Schedule a program for members related to environmental awareness through Texas PTA resources or a local community organization
  • Encourage campus participation in community environmental events and activities that promote “reduce-reuse-recycle” practices on your campus


Examples and Info Environmental Programs All grade levels at Daffron are doing organic recycling in the lunchroom. This is such an important thing for the students because the City of Plano has been able to divert 45 tons a month of food and paper waste from 29 participating elementary schools away from the landfill to the city municipal compost site. A great science, civics and environmental lesson, all rolled into one. The school used black plastic on the Discovery Garden because it's a great natural way to kill weeds. We simply cannot poison our butterfly habitat with toxic chemicals. Consider using alternatives on your lawn and watch the butterflies appear. (Lowe's, Shades of Green, Wells Brothers and Calloway's all carry alternatives to commonly used pesticides and herbicides). Recycle all plastic #1 and #2, aluminum cans, newspapers, junk mail, cardboard (break down those cereal boxes!) and glass. If you need another recycling container, the City of Plano will deliver one to your home, FREE of CHARGE. Just call (972)769-4150 and you may also request a smaller trash container and save money each month!




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