Because of campus closures a Digital Vendor Fair was held on May 1, 2021

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Plano ISD Council of PTAs is proud to host its 26th Annual Vendor Fair for the benefit of our Plano ISD community and all organizations focused on children and their families. Our mission is focused on making every child's potential a reality by strengthening education and taking a comprehensive approach to community success. The appropriate tools can help make that possible.


Preschool – Elementary – Middle School – High School – Parents

Programs…Fund Raisers…Spirit Items…Events…Administrative Tools


Participating vendors represent a broad range of businesses focused primarily on items and services useful to PTAs and other non-profit organizations who work with children and their families. Admission is FREE and open to everyone, so bring all decision makers in your organization to get a feel for what is available to make your organization’s experience for children and their families the most valuable possible. Just enter through the doors on the day of the Vendor Fair, stroll through the list of participating vendors, pick up a digital brochure and "click-in" to their virtual booth to learn more about their business.


If you’re a business with goods or services focused on children and their families, come meet our community. Plano ISD includes 100 square miles in the southwest corner of Collin County. Subscribe to our Vendor Newsletter here and receive information about this and other opportunities to interact with our PTA leaders and Plano ISD families.


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PTA is a noncommercial, nonsectarian and nonpartisan organization.