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Secretary Guide [pdf file]

Texas PTA (Council/Local PTA/PTSA) Confidentiality, Ethics, Conflict of Interest Agreement

PTA/PTSA Records Retention Policy [.pdf file]

Meeting Report Template


Who Is The Secretary?

The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all association proceedings.

Quick-Start Actions

Duties at a Glance

  • Maintain all official records of the association.
  • Record in the minutes all business transacted at each association and board meeting. View Sample Meeting Minutes.
  • Notifies board members, as requested by the president, of all called meetings.
  • Assist the president in determining a quorum at association and board meetings.
  • Present minutes from the previous meeting, association or board.
  • Present a report of board meetings to the association membership as needed.
  • Prepares a draft of the minutes of each meeting within two to five days of the meeting.
  • Act as the corresponding secretary, reading communications at meetings and writing thank you notes, etc.
  • Assume the duties of the historian if one is not designated in the bylaws.

Spanish courses: National PTA E-Learning Library

PTA Nuts and Bolts Series includes Conceptos básicos para las juntas (Board Basics in Spanish)El secretario de la unidad local (Local Unit Secretary in Spanish)