Reflections  (Arts In Education)


Reflections 2020-21

Theme: I Matter Because...

The arts—and the National PTA Reflections program—support student success and serve as a valuable tool for building strong partnerships in your school community. Celebrate arts learning in your school community with Reflections.


National PTA Reflections welcomes all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Annually, thousands of students will reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. 


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Looking for more info about Arts in Education? Check out that page here!


A timeline for Plano PTA Reflections including what to do when is below. Both Texas PTA and National PTA offer detailed checklists for step by step instructions if you’d like them. Remember, you get to run the Reflections Program at your campus the way that is best for your school. As long as you follow the rules and due dates for Council, it is very flexible allowing you to use your own creativity.


Here is the checklist by Texas PTA to follow as you run Reflections at your campus.


National PTA also has a leader resource guide to use.



Some schools are doing digital submissions for Reflections 2020. If you’d like to see how that works, check out the videos on our Arts YouTube Channel and email to get a copy of the digital form. National PTA also has some ideas on how to run Reflections digitally for your local school. Go HERE for info.



All you need to know about Reflections is here on our website and on our YouTube Channel, but if you want to see more details check out:

National PTA Reflections

Texas PTA Reflections*

*Entry forms, Rules and Resources are available through Texas PTA and are updated each year.

Please view the current participation rules.



These dates are very similar every year so you can plan with your school and PTA.



Advertise Reflections & Plan

  • Communicate with your school about Reflections
  • Set a due date for submissions (usually end of Oct or early Nov see below); consider other events when planning (don’t overlap with science fair or other large projects when possible)
  • Contact your PTA for budget information to know what you can spend toward the Arts Programs and find community sponsors for your school who support the arts.
  • Plan for art related events to promote the arts and the Reflections program, potentially during the National Arts in Ed Week.
    Art night with art stations Talent show Performance night with local artists
    Art related scavenger hunt Share fun art facts Advertise in morning announcements
    Advertise in e-newsletters Virtual art night or painting party Art rewards for entries 
    Contest between the teachers Teachers offer bonus points Flyers and posters around school
    Social Media posts Share local artists’ stories Schedule “How to” and Info Meeting


Find Judges

Contact local creators to be judges at your campus. Judging is usually 1 week after your Campus due date. Anyone is welcome to be a judge as long as they do not know the students who are participating. It is usually best to contact local artists or even other campuses to find judges so that anyone at your school isn’t partial to a student’s work. See the Texas PTA Reflections site - Leader Resources for ideas and info regarding judging how-tos.


SEPTEMBER 14th-18th

National Arts in Education Week

Celebrate the Arts during the National Arts in Education Week. (See above for ideas)



Fall Roundtable Chat

Arts in Education Round Table discussion via zoom



National Arts and Humanities Month 

All month long you can celebrate the arts and have art-related events to promote Reflections.



PTA Eligibility Deadline

Your PTA must be in good standing by October 31st so confirm with your PTA President. Also, someone in the student’s household must be a current PTA member for this school year. If their PTA is not active, they can join the Lone Star PTA no later than October 31st for the student to be eligible to participate in Reflections.



Art due at your campus

Set a due date by early November for students to turn in art at your campus. This gives you time to get the art judged (approximately 1 week after the due date) and prep any advancing art to be entered in the Advancing Spreadsheet. Many schools are using a digital form to gather the entry form information. If you’d like a copy of the digital form, please email



Art judged at your campus

About 1 week or so after your due date, local artists and creators judge the entries by category. See above for more info on judges and the judging process.


NOVEMBER 29th 11:59PM

Reflections Advancing Spreadsheets Due


*If you need assistance, first watch this YouTube video going through these steps*

After judging at your school, use this spreadsheet (or the google form sheet) to record the awards for your campus. Then, make a copy of it with ONLY those items that receive an Award of Excellence. These will advance to the next round of judging at Council. (If you have a large number of these, the top 20% should advance.) Include ONLY the information of entries advancing to Council judging.


Here is the direct link found under Leader Resources on Texas PTA's Reflections site:



You will fill out this "Local PTA Reflections Participation Summary” form through the Texas PTA Reflections Program. It will ask you to upload the above spreadsheet with ONLY the Award of Excellence entries that are advancing to Council. It will automatically email a copy to Plano PTA Council Reflections.



Prepare certificates and ribbons for your local Reflections results and celebrate the students in some way. Some schools will have a section of the Dec School Spirit Rally or special event like a pizza lunch. Themed ribbons and certificates may be purchased through Texas PTA's online market (Available in October). Download a Certificate Template (Available in October on Texas PTAs Reflections site) for easier printing! You may also order through a local vendor. Refer to emails for details.


DECEMBER 8th *Tuesday*

Advancing Art Drop Off

Drop off the advancing art within the timeframe at the Sockwell Center (see emails for details)


DECEMBER 9th *Wednesday*

Reflections Judging (No visitors)

Art is judged by local professionals


DECEMBER 10th *Thursday*

Artwork Pick Up

Pick up the art at the Sockwell Center


MID-DECEMBER, end of semester (Or in the Spring)


Plan a celebration of your local students who entered Reflections. Ask your school if their art can be shared on a slideshow or morning announcements, have a pizza party, add their art to the yearbook, display their work at the school, etc. Have fun and support the creative kids at your school!


SPRING (April)

Students who received an award at the Council Level judging will be recognized at a celebration event hosted by the Plano Council of PTAs. Invitations will be sent out via inter-campus mail and dispersed to each student.


More coming for the Spring Semester...stay tuned!