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Who is the Membership Chair?

The job of the Membership Chair is to organize the association’s membership, report and remit dues to Texas PTA, plan recruiting drives and implement member retention practices.


Duties at a Glance

  • Reporting membership to Texas PTA within five days of members joining. (Local PTA members are also members of the state and national association.)
  • Manage Dates, Dues, Reports.
  • Become familiar with the structure of membership dues
  • Texas PTA provides membership cards to Local PTAs during the summer based on previous year’s membership totals; cards should be distributed to members immediately upon joining. Request additional cards as needed.
  • Ensure your Local PTA meets all requirements of the Standards of Continuing Affiliation.
  • Recruit new members throughout the year with the goal of recruiting one member for every student on your campus - A Voice for Every Child!
  • Engage school administration and faculty in supporting your PTA through membership.
  • Reach out to all families, new and returning, to become a member of your PTA.
  • Share the importance of PTA and publicize the vision, mission, priorities, and benefits of membership.
  • Thank your members for supporting PTA and recognize outstanding contributions with Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership or Extended Service Awards.
  • Celebrate your successes at association and board meetings, through social media, and by receiving Texas PTA Membership Awards. 

Submitting Members to Texas PTA

PTAs recruit members in a variety of ways -, direct outreach at campus events, classroom communications and unique online opportunities. The information below will help ensure each PTA is member is recorded with Texas PTA and added to our voice for kids!

  • PTAs using myPTEZ to track all membership data should run the "Roster" report, including a date range starting with the last submission to Texas PTA. This report will exclude any members already reported to Texas PTA via 
  • Visit to find out more

NOTE: Entering new members in myPTEZ does not automatically submit that information to Texas PTA.  A printed roster and check must be submitted by mail to the Texas PTA State Office.

  • PTAs who are tracking membership via spreadsheets or other tools should create a Membership Roster to reflect any new members since the last reporting date and submit to the Texas PTA State Office with the matching dues amount.  Members joining via are automatically reported to Texas PTA and should not be included with roster submissions.