Council News and Events

There are many different levels at which you can connect with the PISD Council of PTAs.


You can subscribe to the PISD Council of PTAs Calendar to stay up to date with all of our events.



You can subscribe to the Council Connection Newsletter and receive a regular newsletter via email.
If you have subscribed and are not receiving the newsletter, check your spam folder and/or add "" to your email contacts.


Additionally, there are newsletters for a few subgroups within the PTA (Presidents, Communications, etc.) You can manage your Council Newsletter Subscriptions here (Login Required.)


Social Media

The PISD Council of PTAs is active on social media as well. Keep in mind that if you follow/like our pages, you still may not see every post, so be sure to subscribe to our Calendar and visit our website regularly for updates.


PISD Council of PTAs on Facebook PISD Council of PTAs on Twitter


If you are a Local PTA Officer, there are also Facebook Groups that the Council uses to connect local officers for Q&A and support. However, these are closed groups, if you are a local officer and you would like access, please contact the VP of Communications or the Webmaster


 PISD Council of PTAs Events

All PISD Council of PTAs Events and Activities can be found on our Calendar, and by utilizing the main site navigation, or the secondary navigation (found to the left, or at the bottom of the page, depending on the device used.)


If you are a local PTA Officer in search of the PISD Council of PTAs Training Sessions, follow this link.