Student Scholarships

Hendrick Scholarship Foundation added on 11/8/21 - OPEN TO ALL PLANO ISD SENIORS


Plano ISD Council  of PTAs Scholarship

Plano ISD Council of PTAs (.pdf) added on 3/15/22

Plano ISD Council of PTAs (.doc)


Plano ISD Local PTA or School Sponsored Scholarships


Andrews Elementary PTA added on 3/23/22


Beverly Elementary PTA added on 3/8/21


Boggess Elementary PTA added on 2/10/22


Carpenter Middle School PTA added on 4/25/22


Daffron Elementary PTA added on 3/10/21


Dooley Elementary PTA revised on 3/2/22


Gulledge Elementary PTA added on 4/4/22


Haun Elementary PTA added on 2/9/21


Hedgcoxe Elementary PTA added on 4/6/22


Hughston Elementary PTA added on 2/9/21


Hunt Elementary PTA added on 1/27/22

Cover Letter

Scholarship Requirements



Jasper PTSA added on 3/28/22


McMillen PTSA does a random drawing each spring for a male and a female student who were PTSA members both years at MHS. The scholarships are $500 each.


Mendenhall Elementary PTA added on 3/29/21


Mitchell Elementary School PTA added on 2/9/21
Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship Application



Plano West Senior High added on 3/3/22


Rice MS PTA added on 5/13/21


Robinson MS PTA added on 3/31/22


Schimelpfenig MS PTA added on 2/10/22


Shepton High School PTSA added on 2/17/22


Skaggs Elementary PTA added on 3/17/22

Stinson Senior Scholarship added on 3/4/21


Wells Elementary PTA added on 4/7/22


Williams High School PTSA added on 1/26/22


Wyatt Elementary does a Wyatt Reunion party at the end of the year where they draw 4 names (2 boys and 2 girls) for $100 scholarships.