Community Outreach



Community Outreach involves knowing the community surrounding your school and the families attending it. As the chair, you may be asked to assist in a variety of drives for worthy causes.  As a noncommercial, non-profit organization, we are provided directives from the TX PTA President Resource Guide and Treasurer Resource Guide regarding what that means. Those excerpts are included below. The following is a clarification offered by TX PTA relating to PTAs maintaining their noncommercial status:


"You can collect in-kind donations for other organizations (not individuals).  We have recommended trying to work with schools or districts, if operational.

You can, after member approval, make a donation from your PTA to an organization that shares at least one of our principles. This would be with funds you already had.

We cannot collect money from folks for other organizations or individuals to then donate to them."


TX PTA President Resource Guide 2017

NONCOMMERCIAL – The name “PTA” (a registered service mark) or the names of its officers shall not be used in conjunction with the commercial activities of other organizations including, but not limited to, the promotion of their goods and services. This policy should be applied with judgment, discretion and common sense, recognizing that it is not meant to prohibit all contact or cooperation with such groups. Before accepting donations of goods or services, a PTA association, at any level, should consider whether such acceptance might be construed as an endorsement of the provider.


TX PTA Treasurer Resource Guide 2017

NONCOMMERCIAL POLICY & COVENTURING – PTA bylaws include the requirement to be noncommercial.

  • The name “PTA” is not to be used in conjunction with the commercial activities of other organizations, including the promotion of their goods or services.
  • A PTA does not raise money for other organizations or individuals, no matter how worthy their cause.


Additional information on assistance available to families in your own community is available on the Family Support page