What is PTA?


The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a not-for-profit organization in Plano ISD, throughout Texas, and across the United States of America.


Every school in Plano ISD has a PTA. Although each PTA looks a little different, all PTAs work toward one mission – helping provide every child what they need to reach their full potential.


YOU can help the children of our community thrive and learn. YOU are a vital part of PTA’s mission. YOU can make a difference simply by joining your local PTA.


Ready to join PTA now? www.joinpta.org


Why join PTA?

PTAs in Plano ISD focus on building relationships, providing educational opportunities, advocating for all students, and supporting positive, child-focused legislation.



PTAs create stronger relationships between the school’s families, teachers, and administrators by hosting school-wide events like picnics, performances, and socials. PTA members receive important information through newsletters, social media, and email.



PTAs provide educational opportunities for students and families through field trips, parent programming, after-school activities for students, book fairs, and science nights.



PTAs advocate for the benefit of all children. Everyone – students, parents, teachers, and community members – can support this effort by joining a school’s PTA.



PTAs promote legislation focused on improving public education, as well as state and federal legislation protecting the health and safety of children.


PTA Benefits

Families have opportunities to be involved in their child’s school by actively participating in school events and programs, staying up-to-date on school news, and developing relationships within the school community. Plus, research shows students of involved families earn higher grades and test scores, develop better social skills, and are more likely to attend college.


Why Me?

Are you a baker or builder? Parent, family member, or neighbor? Artist, musician, or actor? Speaker of multiple languages, leader, or community member? Business owner or employee? PTA offers a place for everyone to be part of student success!


Discounts and benefits negotiated by state and national PTA are available for all PTA members. Visit www.planopta.org/memberbenefits for more information.


Ready to join PTA? Contact your local school PTA or join online at



Have questions? Contact your local school PTA or members@planopta.org.


What is PTA Printable Document


Multi Language Brochure 2020

Includes: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Urdu, Farsi, and Bosnian/Montenegro/Serbian
(Legal sized paper - accordion fold.)