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Join parents, students, educators, and community members to make students’ dreams come true!

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Life Member Banquet

The 2019 Life Member Banquet Timeline and Life Member Nominating Form are available on the Plano PTA Life Member Banquet page.

Get those nominations in, and save the date to join the celebration of our fantastic volunteers!

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Plano ISD PTA Legislative Priorities
Plano ISD Legislative Priorities
Texas PTA Legislative Priorities
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What is the Plano ISD Council of PTAs

The Plano ISD Council of PTAs is the non-profit parent organization of all of the PTA/PTSAs that exist in Plano Independent School District.
Our Council was created in 1988 to serve as the key link in communication between the local, area, State, and National PTAs, as well as with the school administration and the general public.
The Council serves to strengthen local PTAs, support new PTAs, develop leadership potential, promote PTA membership and serve the community and its children.
Our goals align with those of the Texas PTA and the National PTA organizations, and our mission is the same: To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

PTA for Families

Plano ISD Council of PTAs 30th Anniversary

We understand, this is your child we are talking about.

You REALLY want to know that you are becoming part of the right group at the right time. There are many reasons to join the PTA on your local campus, but one of the most powerful is that active involvement in your child's education can be one of the most powerful influences on their success.

At the end of the day, every parent wants their child to be successful.

  • Doesn’t your student deserve to have the best possible environment to learn, grow and thrive in?
  • Don’t our teachers need to have the best possible school to cultivate learning for each student?
  • Don’t our communities deserve to have productive and active citizens that will impact and influence the future for the good of all?

Be part of the solution!

PTA in Schools

Shrinking budgets. Increasing class sizes. Government mandates. The challenges of delivering quality education are daunting. There is help. It’s the PTA.
PTA offers opportunities for parents, educators and community leaders to come together to make every child’s potential a reality by partnering a connection between home and school.
Your PTA can address issues that are important to parents and public school administrators. We fight for full funding, quality teachers, and capabilities for schools to thrive.

The acceptance of a campus PTA, the involvement of the school personnel in the PTA, and the active promotion of a PTAs events and activities can directly increase parent involvement, which in turn can lead to:

PTA and the Community

The local PTA is the glue that connects Parents, Teachers and Students with our Community.

Our PTAs offer a sense of fellowship at the school campus level that continues throughout the association as parents, educators and community leaders unite around the common goal of seeing every child’s potential become reality.
Supporting our local schools builds capable and responsible citizens and increases the population of potential employees and future local consumers.
Our partners and sponsors play a vital role in supporting the work PTA does for children.
Connect with parents, teachers, students and community members all of one like mind.

Advocacy and the PTA

As Texas’ largest child advocacy association, the PTA provides an avenue for families, educators and community leaders to ensure that every child’s potential is a reality through campus, district, state and national initiatives.
Plano ISD Council of PTAs maintains an ongoing dialogue with the Plano ISD Board to coordinate local educational legislative agendas. In addition, we send representatives to the Texas State Legislature yearly in an effort to communicate the position of Texas' parents and educators on a range of issues from school safety, standardized testing, health and fitness, technology in schools and even property taxes.
There is no better advocate for the students of the State of Texas than the parents, guardians and relatives of those students.
Join us and advocate for the students of Plano ISD, the State of Texas, and the United States of America.

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