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2017 SAGE Summer Expo Exhibitors

SN: Special Needs         G: Gifted            GE: General Education

 7 Notes   STEAM - D  GE
 Abbado Music  Music - D  GE
 Abrakadoodle  Art - D  GE
 The ARC of North Texas  Various - D  SN
 Attendant Care Services  Therapy - D   SN
 Art Center Theater  Art, drama, dance, music - D  SN, GE, G
 Beyond Karate  Sports - D  SN, GE, G
 Boy Scouts of America  Academic, Life Skills, Outdoors - D,R  SN, GE, G (Brochures Only)
 Bricks Bots & Beakers  STEM - D  GE
 Bricks 4 Kids  STEM - D  SN, G, GE
 Camp Blessing Texas  Disabilities - R  SN, GE
 Camp Kiowa  Outdoor - R  GE
 Camp Summit  Outdoors - R    SN
 Charis Hills Camp  Outdoor - R  SN
 Christ United Methodist Church  General - D  GE
 CLE-Austin (College Living Experience)  Life Skills - R  SN (Brochures Only)
 Club SciKidz Dallas  Science - D  GE
 Complete Therapies  Therapy - D  SN, G, GE
 Community for Permanent Supported Housing   Resource  SN
 Cornell University Summer College Program  Academic - R  G, GE (Brochures Only)
 CraniaLogix  Academic - D  G, GE
 Dallas Zoo & Children's Aquarium at Fair Park  Animals - D  GE
 Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas  Various - D  SN (Brochures Only)
 Duke TIP  Academic - R    G (Brochures Only)
 Education in Action/ Lone Star Leadership Academy  Academic/Leadership - R  G (Brochures Only)
 Emler Swim School  Sports: Swim - D  GE
 Engineering for Kids  STEM - D  SN, G, GE
 Enrichment Chess  Chess - D  SN, G, GE
 Equest  Equestrian - D  SN
 Explore Horizons  Academic - D  SN, G, GE
 Family Tree Counseling  Social Skills - D  SN, GE
 Fossil Rim Wildlife Center  Wildlife - D, R  G, GE
 [The Frances A. Karnes] Center for Gifted Studies - USM  Academic - R, Leadership - R  G, GE (Brochures Only)
 Heritage Farmstead  History - D  GE
 It's a Sensory World  SID - D  SN
 KidAbility Pediatric Therapy  Therapy - SN  SN, G, GE
 Kids USA Montessori  After School - D  G, GE
 Kidventure University  Various - D  GE 
 Mensa Gifted Youth  Resource  G 
 My Possibilities  Adults - D  SN
 National Autism Association of North Texas  Autism Awareness  SN
 NExt Region of Texas Destination Imagination  Problem-Solving & Team Work - D   G, GE
 Parents with Purpose  Brain training - D  SN 
 PediaPlex  Therapy - D   SN, G, GE
 Plano Children's Theatre  Drama - D  SN, GE
 Plano Parks and Recreation  Various - D  G, GE
 Plano Parks and Recreation - Adapted Recreation  Therapy - D  SN
 Plano Public Library  Reading programs - D  SN, G, GE
 Plano Super Bowl  Sports - D  SN, G, GE 
 Sci-Tech Discovery Center  Science - D   GE 
 SeaWorld Camp  Marine - D, R  G, GE
 Shakespeare Dallas  Theater - D  G, GE
 Shine Plano  Theater - D  G, GE
 Shooting Stars Foundation  Fundraising/Academic - D  GE
 SMU Summer Youth Program  Various - D  SN, G, GE
 Sound Starts Music Therapy  Music - D  SN
 Southwestern Music Therapy  Music - D  SN, G, GE
 Special Needs Gymnastics  Gymnastics - D  SN
 Special Education Advocacy and Consultation Services  Resources - D  SN (Brochures Only
 Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex)  Various - D  SN, GE
 Stacy's Sensory Solutions  Therapy Equipment  SN
 St. Paul Christian School  Academic - D  GE
 Summer on the Hill - Greenhill School  Arts, Sports, Academic - D  G, GE
 Tech EdVentures  STEM, Academic - D  SN, G, GE
 Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented  Scholarships  G
 Texas Governor's School: Lamar University  Academic leadership  G
 The Ark Preschool  Various - D  GE
 The Behavior Exchange  ABA Therapy - D  SN
 The Glenholme School  Life Skills - D  SN
 The Project Camp  STEM, Academic - D  G, GE
 The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. (Summer Biomedical Engineering Experience)  Engineering - D, R  G, GE
 The St. Anthony School  Academic - D  SN
 THINK Summer Institute (Davidson Institute for Talent Development)  Academic - R  G (Brochures Only)
 United through H.O.P.E.  Leadership - D  SN, G, GE
 University of Dallas Summer Programs  Language Art, Study abroad - R  G, GE
 USA Martial Arts  Martial Arts - D  G, GE
 UT Dallas - Chess Program  Chess - D  G, GE
 UT Dallas - Center for CS Education & Outreach  Programming - D, Engineering - D  G, GE
 Vision Martial Arts  Martial arts - D  SN, G, GE
 Word Math Plus  Academic - D  G, GE
 YMCA Camp Carter  Academic, Life Skills, Leadership, Outdoor - R  SN, GE
 Plano Family YMCA  Various - D  GE
 Youth Cricket Scholarship  Cricket - D  GE


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