Originally delivered on 5/1/2019 11:00 am

SUBJECT: Legislative Newsletter 5_1_19

May 1, 2019


BE A VOTER in the May 4 local election! You may select candidates for PISD Trustees, City Council, Collin College Trustees, and city bond propositions. See what will be on your ballot by entering your address at www.vote411.org. Check voting locations and hours on the county elections website. The voter turnout is usually less than 10% in local elections. Your vote counts!


Just a few weeks remain in the 86th Legislature. The only requirement is to pass a budget bill, but there are thousands of other bills in various stages of the legislative process that could affect us. If you are passionate about a particular topic, there is still time to share your thoughts with your legislators. Search for specific bills on the TX Legislature website. Find out who represents you.

The Texas PTA supports HB 3, which is a school funding bill that passed a House vote on April 3. HB 3 had a public hearing in the Senate Education Committee on April 25. There are ongoing negotiations between the chambers due to differences between HB 3 and SB 3. An additional complication is that other bills affect school funding, like the SB 2 property tax bill. Here are some ways to keep informed.


Last week, the TX PTA requested that members contact their legislators about HB 281 due to concerns that it could be interpreted as banning districts’ in-kind donations to PTAs, like the use of meeting rooms. Legislators are aware of the PTA's concerns and plan to amend the bill to clarify that this is not the intent.


A list of bills related to the PISD PTA's legislative priorities, including their progress, is available on the PISD PTA website. You can also find information there about how to contact legislators about bills.